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Hong Kong HandMade Soap Associations  aims at increasing trade opportunities for soapmakers, bringing more business opportunities to our members,  and seeking  welfare for our members. Hong Kong HandMade Soap Associations  plays a role as a "mouthpiece of the industry" in order to build a bridge of communication with government, amongst our members, and between industry.



1. Increase communications amongst members in different business roles 

2.  Improve efficiency and effectiveness for our members, such as getting  bulk purchase discounts for tradeshow 

3. Organize roadshow or tradeshow for our members

4. Develop measures to enable consumers to build confidence in the soap members through trade associations. 

5. Provide certification process for the qualified members

6. Improve the professional standards of the industry personnels

7.  Increase Handmade Soap education and promotion in Hong Kong

8. Maintaining  HK as the leader in the worldwide handmade soap 

2014 trademark HK handmade soap association and soap guild 

About us

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